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If you create the same looking presentations over and over, you’ll bore your audience. Keep them on the edge of their seat with exciting new themes they’ve never seen before.


Our designs have been scientifically made by the worlds top designers to produce templates, graphics and images that are proven to engage and convert your audience like crazy.


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Creating just one template would cost you hours
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a template from a stock website you’d pay $70
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If you wanted to hire a designer to create all 15
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Keep your presentations fresh and engaging
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15 Premium Niche Templates

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Created by a team of highly qualified designers,
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based on proven colors, tone and
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Instantly edit, customize and publish unique
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75 HD Slide Background

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150 Stylish Icons Bundle

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Your Questions Answered!

YES! A commercial agency license is included allowing you to sell these templates to your clients and keep all the revenue doing so! Never pay us a royalty or commission. Each template has a market value of $450! You may sell to your clients at any price you wish.

These are templates from a wide array of categories, both mainstream, and more niche specific, such as Parenting, Kids Education, Love, Health, Fishing, Gardening, Woodwork, Money, DIY, Religion, Various Hobbies, Enthusiasts, Green Energy, Astronomy, Spanish, Other Language’s, and MORE. In fact, we will even give YOU the option to vote and recommend what be created every month!

The Prezentar X-Factor membership is a “private club” that gives you 15 NEW limited edition templates every single month for a whole year with zero recurring fees at a one time price!

These templates are ONLY made for X-Factor members by our TOP graphic designers to give you the edge over the competition! INCREASE your personal library of templates every month to use and sell.

Each template has a market value of $450!

Today, you’re paying JUST $0.03 a slide! There are no recurring charges. Just a one-time payment today to receive 12 months’ worth of templates!

No. These templates are AUTOMATICALLY loaded into your Prezentar dashboard every month, ready to use whenever you want!

NO! This special offer is just a ONE TIME payment and you'll get access to 15 new templates EVERY month for 12 months, loaded straight into your Prezentar dashboard! That means after a year you’ll have 180 NEW templates with 1,800+ NEW slides, images, graphics, and options.

Take advantage of the low special ONE TIME price today before it expires and changes back to a recurring based subscription.