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App One Flipbook Creator

Turn your presentations into INTERACTIVE
instantly! Engage viewers
and triple your impact.

Turn presentations into
flipbooks instantly

Use them to build your
email list rapidly

Share Flipbooks online for
more free traffic

Skyrocket engagement
and watch them buy

Sell your Flipbooks to
people for any price

Embed Flipbooks on any
website worldwide fast

There’s a reason why millions of people still buy
books on Amazon.
It’s because they LOVE flipping
the pages of a real book.

Now you can finally tap into this unstoppable
demand by automatically
transforming your
Prezentar presentations into amazing Flipbooks
that feel like a real book!

Instantly hook readers with interactive, engaging
page turning effects, sounds, clickable
links, stunning backdrops
and more!


ENGAGING content gets
more readers, and more readers means more sales!

Place your Flipbook on any website
in seconds and watch your traffic
and sales explode!

Engage people right on your landing page by embedding your Flipbook presentation right into your website.

Keep visitors on your page for longer… and
suck them into your sales pitch with
“unmissable” Flipbooks they can’t ignore.

One Tap Traffic & Mobile Friendly Layout

Tap a button to instantly share your Flipbook presentation on social media for viral traffic and free buyer traffic all day long.

In seconds, you can explode your visibility and get your Flipbook in front of perfect prospects and real buyers for FREE!

With more than 80% of browsers now on their mobile phones it’s crucial to have optimized presentations.

Maximize viewers with a mobile friendly, responsive layout that looks sweet on any device & screen size.

No more losing readers because of embarrassing glitches or eye-straining fonts and layouts!

Customize the Look, Feel and Control of Your Flipbook presentation!

Edit the backgrounds, positioning, lighting, sound effects, sharing URL and embed
options with a few simple clicks.

App Two Magic 3D

Stop boring your visitors with the same old
slides and images...

Instead, use our new powerful MAGICAL 3D
to turn your images, presentations and ebooks into eyeball grabbing carousels that ENGAGE them
and keep

Viewers can spin the slides in
any direction with a wand!

Viewers can click any image
or slide to view the content!

Viewers can click any links you
embed to make them go buy!

These are so magical that you’ll think
these have come straight out of
the Harry Potter film!

With these killer 3D rotating carousels,
you can:

Engage your visitors with unique
spinning carousels they can spin
around to find the slide they want.

Allow your visitors to "peak ahead"
and find other slides in your presentation
that matter to them most.

Give your audience a 3D carousel
as a reference point for important
content or website links to view.

Present your products, services or
info in a unique attention grabbing
way that makes you stand out.

These 3D rotating carousels are today’s
HOT TREND in web design,
and you can
use them for all kinds of stuff including…

App Three Hypnotic Transitions

Pour “marketing gasoline” on your
presentations with hypnotic transitions that keep
your audience glued from start to finish!

Effortlessly move your viewers
from slide to slide like firefighters
sliding down a greasy firepole.

Lock your viewers in a hypnotic
trance & focused on your content
so they get to trust you and buy.

Crush your boring competition
into dust with spellbinding transitions
that make people go WOW!

App Four Mockup Skins

Once you’ve converted your presentation into a video, make it POP OFF THE PAGE by
placing it within these incredible mockup skins!

These professional mockup skins magnetically draw visitor eyeballs to your video presentations, increasing your view count and getting your message heard like a megaphone in a library.

iPad Skins

Monitor Skins

Desktop Skins

Stunning landscape backgrounds & dozens of niche backgrounds

Stunning landscape backgrounds
& dozens of niche backgrounds

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And then, witness the HD mockups and background skins draw your visitor’s eyes towards your video and explode your view counts, leads and sales from every single video you place on your website.

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Your Questions

Nope, there is nothing to install! HALO 3D is 100% cloud based. You simply login and access the software online from anywhere, on any device. The only thing you require is an internet connection!

Yes, we have added many different options to view share and download your flipbooks and animations making it easy for you and your clients.

Yes! Free training videos are already added to your member dashboard. Simply email us at any time for rapid fast support! We’re here to help you and answer all your queries.
[email protected]

YES! A commercial agency license is included which allows you to sell flipbooks, animations, mockups and video sales letters to your clients! We will never charge you for a royalty. You could make back your investment with just ONE client.

Yes, you only pay once for life time access to all four apps, premium support and unlimited commercial and personal use. There are no other hidden or royalty charges whatsoever. Not only that, your purchase is also backed up by our money back guarantee.